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It's been, like, a year since anyone posted here, but I was plotting out my options for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping (online only--I work in retail and refuse to go out into those crowds when I'm not required + being paid to) and wanted to share this awesome link post, because if any of you are like me, the most exciting holiday sales are beauty sales. The blog Nouveau Cheap always does a great job with a Black Friday Roundup for big stores and large brands, if that's your thing.

But the thing that grabbed my attention was that she linked to this amazing subreddit listing this year's Black Friday sales from a ton of indie brands. While there are still some big brands I like, indies really do it for me these days with the kinds of funky, unique colors and fragrances I crave. And by buying indie, I'm supporting a lot of women-owned small businesses, which is important to me.

Is anyone else planning to treat themselves to some new cosmetics, lotions, and potions this weekend?

Date: 2014-12-01 07:23 pm (UTC)
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I just picked up a bunch (well, a bunch for me, I don't usually binge shop) of things at Sephora, although their only Black Friday sale was a shipping deal apparently. You're definitely right about shopping indie brands; and holiday sales are a great way to find new brands you like and will want to buy again. I hope you ended up finding some good deals!



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