Dec. 7th, 2015

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So since I last posted here I've well and truly succumbed to nail polish addiction, and I went through a phase of buying pretty much every nail polish that crossed my line of sight.

Now I'm managing to restrain myself to the brands that just don't let me down, and it turns out there's three of them: Sally Hansen's CSM range (nothing exciting or cutting edge but a really good core range of colours in the finishes I like), OPI (whose stuff I love, but they're horrifyingly expensive in Aus), and a local indie brand I adore - Pretty Serious Cosmetics, who have excellent service and their polishes are fantastic with a formula the major brands would envy.

(Pretty Serious do have a US stockist you can access from the website, which is handy.)

On Pretty Serious's Facebook page, somebody posted a few pics of how they swatch their polishes for future reference and easy finding, and I was struck by how awesome their method was. So I've embarked upon it myself, and am taking the opportunity to destrash stuff I don't love - I just don't have room to keep everything any more!

Back on topic: here's the swatch/pic organisation method:

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