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Oct. 29th, 2011 10:45 pm
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Since I managed to get rid of the break that's been plaguing me for the last 5 or 6 weeks, I celebrated by painting my nails red. But just red is a bit dull, right?

Let's just say that painting curved lines is more difficult than it looks on YouTube! LOL (Especially on your dominant hand!)

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I love a lot of the CDG perfumes (especially the Stephen Jones one), and one of my all-time favourite scents is Dzing!, which notoriously has the cardboard/used-books smell going on. So, yeah. Very keen to smell this one.


Oct. 23rd, 2011 07:09 pm
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I'm busy painting walls at work now, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with my nails, right?

I've been wearing Russian Navy by O.P.I for a few weeks now, because I broke one nail and because of the nail glue, splotches of the blue gets permanent... But I got a bit tired of just having it plain again. So, with the help of some blue glitter polish and a minty green, I got the following result.

It's not perfect, but I'm happy with the result. Now I can't wait to get wall paint all over them! LOL
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I love playing with smells, but there's a limit to what you can do with essential oils alone, and generally the synthetic notes are only sold in industrial quantities, and ...


Note that this would also be heaven for anyone who loves any of the single synthetic note perfumes which seem to be a mini-trend at the moment, such as the Escentric Molecules ones -- iso e super, ambroxan and vetiveryl acetate respectively -- or the other pure ambroxans like Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Perfume.

ETA: Except that the website says they only sell to people who've attended one of their courses.

Also fuck.
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Okay, I've tried most things, up to and including Accutane, and in my thirties, I've more or less resigned myself to never completely growing out of my acne (cystic acne on skin that manages to be oily and sensitive simultaneously, lovely).

But I thought I'd ask the comm on the off chance, to see if anyone has any magic recs for products I haven't heard of.

Any secrets out there?
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Cult Nails is an indie company run by a nail blogger who decided to create her own line. I have a couple of her polishes--Quench and Living Water--and I really like them. They're great colors and have a nice formula. Over the Labor Day weekend (September 2-4), she's got a 2 for $15 thing going. Given that normally a bottle goes for $10, it's not a huge deal but it's not insignificant either.

The codes for the sale are on the sidebar of the main page.
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I got a bottle of Essie's mattifying (is that a word?) top coat, Matte About You, after playing with some of Zoya's matte polishes and really liking them. (OMG Posh is gorgeous.) Last night, I did my nails with Sally Hansen's Deep Blue Sea, a new color in their Xtreme Wear line. DBS is a pretty foil-y polish, sort of a light steel blue. I tried one nail with the matte top coat just to see the difference. This particular polish looks better shiny, but with the matte it's still pretty, looking kind of like crushed velvet. I tried to get a picture, but in the picture the difference isn't really apparent. I can see this top coat adding a nice texture to a plain color.

I applied it on top of Seche Vite and the matte effect came through just fine, by the way. So if you like your fast-dry top coats, you can throw this on top and still have it turn matte.
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I was reading Painted Ladies and came across a post asking a fun question.

Say, hypothetically, you have $200 free and clear to spend on any beauty related items you wish. Anything at all! What would you buy with this money?

I'm still pondering (although I'm with her--UD's Naked palette is probably on my list).

What about you? :)
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Does anyone have any recommendations for eye creams? Neither Estee Lauder or dermalogica (my new review) worked for me and my Vitamin C serum lightens my discolorations but doesn't really take away puffiness.

I'm looking for anything!
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Time to do up another resource list! This time I'm looking for etailer sites! Either single brand (like BPAL) or multibrand sites (like Head2Toe or Sephora) are good as are individual Etsy sites. For the purposes of this list (and this comm, actually) products = make-up, perfume, soap/cleansers/lotions, hair care products, and associated miscellaneous (candles, incense and even jewelry if you have a site you love and want to share).

So please, share your favorite product etailers!
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I just lost my hard drive and had to reinstall everything, so I lost my bookmarks. I only had a handful of beauty blogs that leaned heavily toward nail polish and I'm thinking that I'd like to expand that list. And then I got to thinking about comm resources and figured a list of blogs people like would be a good thing.

So if you follow any beauty blogs that you'd like to recommend, comment with a link and a really brief description and I'll update this post and then link to it from the profile page.

All Lacquerded Up -- almost exclusively nail polish. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Ars Aromatica -- longer, more editorial style articles on beauty, the theory behind it, mixed with notes on culture and fashion. Our own [personal profile] the_grynne recently joined their team of writers!
The Handoff -- our own [profile] elanorejane reviews (mostly) Australian nail polish.
Karla Sugar -- The Next Best Thing to Shopping Yourself -- swatches, swatches and more swatches of high end makeup.
Gothique -- , make up, mineral make up and jewelry posts
Makeup and Beauty Bolg -- makeup reviews mixed between high-end stuff and drugstore/Target brands.
The Nailphile -- almost exclusively nail polish.
The Non-Blonde -- reviews on high-end makeup, perfume, and make-up brushes
Nouveau Cheap -- all about drugstore cosmetics. Excellent source for (US only) sale information.
Phyrra -- mineral and other make up (primarily eye-shadow) and lots of links to other blogs
The PolishAholic -- almost exclusively nail polish. Not sure if she receives review products.
Scrangie -- primarily nails and high-end eye make up. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Temptalia -- Another busy makeup swatch site that also includes articles, how-tos and other useful things.


Jul. 29th, 2011 02:15 pm
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This time next week, I'm leaving Shanghai for Singapore. I'll be there for 3 days of meetings, exhibitions...and shopping.

Unlike in Sydney and mainland China, you can find the latest cosmetic collections on the counters in Singapore more or less at the same time that they land in the US and UK. Prices are also low compared to what I see in Sydney and Shanghai, so for the last couple of weeks, I've been mentally making a shopping list of products I intend to test or buy when I'm there. So far, it includes:

- Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Illusoire and Epatant

- Chanel Le Vernis in Graphite and Quartz

- Shiseido Perfect Rouge in OR418 Day Lily

- Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Purple Dawn, Magnolia, Sable, Tin, Mist, Moss, Techno Gold...all of them, basically

- Guerlain Vetiver

- Dior Addict in Perfecto 991 and Miami 635

- Guerlain Rouge G in Garconne and Gigolo

- Guerlain Khol Me Eyeliner Pencil in Navy and Ebony

- Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow in Les Bleus, Les Noirs, Les Violets, Les Perles and Les Cuirs

Over the next week, I'll probably think of some other things to add to that list.

I'm particularly excited about the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors, which are replacing the Hydro-Powder Eyeshadows, a much-loved cream eyeshadow that would be hard to beat. Below are some videos showing Dick Page, the artistic director of Shiseido, applying the Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in various looks on Raquel Zimmermann. You can get an idea of the colour payoff and the creaminess of the product just from watching him at work.

Videos )
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Something I learned today: Karl Lagerfeld uses Shu Uemura pressed eyeshadows in his sketches for Chanel.

This should not be surprising, because the quality and the colour range at Shu Uemura (which the websites cannot nearly capture) is second to none, and it's an enormous shame as well as a mystery why the brand has pulled out of the United States, yet remains available at counters throughout Asia, not to mention Australia and (I think) Europe.

The sad thing is that Shu Uemura cycles in new shades and phases out old ones with great regularity. I wouldn't be surprised if their total number of colours is comparable to MAC's. But because SU doesn't give their eyeshadows or lipsticks names, only a letter and number (common to brands for which Asia is a big market, since numbers are easier to remember and identify for non-English speaking SA's and customers), it makes it more difficult for the collector and makeup enthusiast to keep track.

This is a Shu Uemura 16-pan palette that I bought in Shanghai more than 2 years ago. The 8 shadows in the top half, with the exception of the metallic taupe/brown (possibly ME 850, but Shu has made and discontinued so many shades like it that I can't be sure) in the upper left corner, are all very difficult to find now. The olive cream shadow in the top right and the metallic bronze beside it were a limited edition duo called Tantalizer, but for the rest of them, I don't even remember what their names were. And no one at the Shu Uemura counters I visited could help me, because they couldn't remember either.

It is very hard to blog about an eyeshadow that: a) you don't know the name of, and b) even if you did know the name of it, nobody would be able to track down to buy it. This is the only reason I can think for why I only rarely see beauty bloggers raving about Shu Uemura. This is a terrible shame because if Karl Lagerfeld loves Shu Uemura, then so should you. *g*

Coming back to my old school Shu palette (which comes empty, with a large mirror on one side which you can leave in or cover so both halves are filled to capacity). I went to the Shu counter in Parkson on Huaihai Lu, Shanghai, a couple of days ago to play with their extensive colour range, taking my palette with me. All the pans in the bottom half (5 shadows and 1 powder highlighter) are new, and this time I remember to write down the names before the SA depotted them into the palette.

From the top-left, going clockwise, they are: P Purple 750, P Pink 110, IR Purple 700, ME Yellow 335, P42 Glow On (great as a base shadow on the eyes), and ME Brown 810. I left an empty space because I have another single back in Sydney (M Black 991).

Shu Uemura has just brought out their new Colour Atelier Collection, which introduces these refillable 4-pan custom cases. It has an accompanying iPhone app to help you coordinate your self-designed palettes, but I wish they would just bring back the beautiful 16-pan custom cases.
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Come this Friday, I will be going to Shanghai (from Sydney) for a little over a month (a combination of work and seeing family/friends). This time, instead of randomly tossing items that take my fancy mere hours before I have to dash for the airport, which is how I usual do my packing for these regular trips, I thought I would carefully plan what makeup I would take with me*.

If my idea was that this would lead to me somehow reducing the volume of my luggage, I was sorely mistaken, as I discovered after drawing up the list of "necessary items for 37 days of work and play in Shanghai" on my Notes app. Perhaps some further editing was required, I admitted to myself. That's where you can help.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of beauty products to take on a trip of this length? What could safely I do without?

Not pictured (because I have backups at home in Shanghai) are:
- foundation (NARS Sheer Glow, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Becca tinted moisturiser)
- primer (MUFE HD primer)
- skincare
- lip conditioner/balm (Clinique Superbalm) and
- brow pencil (Shu Uemura).

Toss or keep? )

*The problem is of excess, not of weight. My baggage allowance is 30kg, and summer clothing is not that heavy.

And of course, every time I go to the Shanghai apartment, I always leave some products there for the next time I go back, so not all of this is coming back to Sydney with me.
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My thanks to Dain at Ars Aromatica for (re)introducing me to periwinkle - that beautiful, versatile blue-violet colour, so complementary to brown eyes. On a recommendation from Dain, I tested and bought today Stila Mambo, a pearly periwinkle with pink and blue duochrome.

Swatches, comparisons )
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New member and self-professed product junkie, come with two recent posts:

Red Lipsticks (LJ and DW) and Essential Eyeshadows (LJ and DW).

Some stuff about me: 25, Chinese-Australian, divides her time between Sydney and Shanghai. I love niche perfumery, red lipstick, vintage clothing, and experimentation with colour. Favourite beauty brands are Guerlain, NARS, Shu Uemura, and Shiseido.

photo! )
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In case it's relevant to anyone's interests: in the UK, Les Senteurs have a good range of obscure and cult scents, and will sell you sample vials at £3 a pop.

The Perfumed Court is a US site selling decants (and will ship worldwide).

Fellow scent geeks: what have you been smelling lately?
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In a huge grab-bag of testers from my mom was one for the Diminish Retinol Treatment. It's pretty pricey stuff, retailing at around $50. My mom was kind enough to give me the sample, because it is one of her favorite things, and a 1/5th size sample bottle is still product.

Well, as I am a person who wakes up looking naturally punched in the face, I am an expert on eye creams and eye cream dupes. And I am here to tell you that this Estee Lauder product is identical to Claudia Stevens' Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

This cream is fantastic, no matter how much you pay for it, $9 or $50. It is not a brightening cream or an anti-bags cream, but it is a filling, uplifting cream for plumping and smoothing the eye area.

I will tell you that I thought I was misplacing which cream I was using when I first pumped it out because that is how identical these two products are. They are the same texture, smell and thickness, and apply and warm the eye area the same way.

I can see why so many people love this product; it's already one of my favorite eye creams. ;)

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...and purchased me some Unicorn Pee. It's up on eBay for anywhere from $60 a bottle to $150.


I'll post pics. And I have like, three Konadicures to post pics of, too - my last one turned out beautifully. China Glaze 2030, if you can find it, makes a great stamping gold, much richer and more vibrant than the Konad gold.


May. 29th, 2011 02:47 pm
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If you like painting bits of yourself but don't really do femme, it can be a problem finding appealing products. And I do like matte nail varnish. Thus, my ears perked up when I heard about this stuff, though my eyebrows went up too.

ManGlaze, the manliest nail polish known to man. Stupid? Ironic? (They sponsor an all-women snowboarding film crew). Hipster stupid? Subverting conceptions of masculinity? The product of people who admit they were "pretty trashed" at the time they came up with the idea?

I cycled through these various thoughts, and settled on Oh damn, I want that matte grey.

It looks very sparkly in the bottle, but dries to an interesting grainy texture, pretty much like brushed metal, with a fairly dull sheen. On me, it came out as dark grey with blue undertones.

I really like it, and will be enjoying it until my next climbing day when I will mangle the shit out of it as per usual.

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