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I just lost my hard drive and had to reinstall everything, so I lost my bookmarks. I only had a handful of beauty blogs that leaned heavily toward nail polish and I'm thinking that I'd like to expand that list. And then I got to thinking about comm resources and figured a list of blogs people like would be a good thing.

So if you follow any beauty blogs that you'd like to recommend, comment with a link and a really brief description and I'll update this post and then link to it from the profile page.

All Lacquerded Up -- almost exclusively nail polish. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Ars Aromatica -- longer, more editorial style articles on beauty, the theory behind it, mixed with notes on culture and fashion. Our own [personal profile] the_grynne recently joined their team of writers!
The Handoff -- our own [profile] elanorejane reviews (mostly) Australian nail polish.
Karla Sugar -- The Next Best Thing to Shopping Yourself -- swatches, swatches and more swatches of high end makeup.
Gothique -- , make up, mineral make up and jewelry posts
Makeup and Beauty Bolg -- makeup reviews mixed between high-end stuff and drugstore/Target brands.
The Nailphile -- almost exclusively nail polish.
The Non-Blonde -- reviews on high-end makeup, perfume, and make-up brushes
Nouveau Cheap -- all about drugstore cosmetics. Excellent source for (US only) sale information.
Phyrra -- mineral and other make up (primarily eye-shadow) and lots of links to other blogs
The PolishAholic -- almost exclusively nail polish. Not sure if she receives review products.
Scrangie -- primarily nails and high-end eye make up. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Temptalia -- Another busy makeup swatch site that also includes articles, how-tos and other useful things.



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