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I got a bottle of Essie's mattifying (is that a word?) top coat, Matte About You, after playing with some of Zoya's matte polishes and really liking them. (OMG Posh is gorgeous.) Last night, I did my nails with Sally Hansen's Deep Blue Sea, a new color in their Xtreme Wear line. DBS is a pretty foil-y polish, sort of a light steel blue. I tried one nail with the matte top coat just to see the difference. This particular polish looks better shiny, but with the matte it's still pretty, looking kind of like crushed velvet. I tried to get a picture, but in the picture the difference isn't really apparent. I can see this top coat adding a nice texture to a plain color.

I applied it on top of Seche Vite and the matte effect came through just fine, by the way. So if you like your fast-dry top coats, you can throw this on top and still have it turn matte.
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It seems I am now incapable of simply painting my nails. THEY MUST BE STAMPED. )


Apr. 29th, 2011 06:07 pm
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I got my big Zoya order today and then, when I popped into Rite-Aid to pick up some polish remover, I picked something I just HAD to wear--never mind the twelve bottles of Zoya waiting for me.

Essie's Smooth Sailing from their Summer Braziliant (idek who names these things) collection is just fabulous! It's a slightly grayed periwinkle with a really nice silver shimmer going on. If you're looking for a nice mid-blue, check it out!

Here's The PolishAholic's review with pictures.



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