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So since I last posted here I've well and truly succumbed to nail polish addiction, and I went through a phase of buying pretty much every nail polish that crossed my line of sight.

Now I'm managing to restrain myself to the brands that just don't let me down, and it turns out there's three of them: Sally Hansen's CSM range (nothing exciting or cutting edge but a really good core range of colours in the finishes I like), OPI (whose stuff I love, but they're horrifyingly expensive in Aus), and a local indie brand I adore - Pretty Serious Cosmetics, who have excellent service and their polishes are fantastic with a formula the major brands would envy.

(Pretty Serious do have a US stockist you can access from the website, which is handy.)

On Pretty Serious's Facebook page, somebody posted a few pics of how they swatch their polishes for future reference and easy finding, and I was struck by how awesome their method was. So I've embarked upon it myself, and am taking the opportunity to destrash stuff I don't love - I just don't have room to keep everything any more!

Back on topic: here's the swatch/pic organisation method:

image and explanation behind the cut )
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So I'd heard about the whole matte texture trend and I wasn't sure about it. Then I saw some swatches of Zoya's Pixie Dust (seriously Zoya? Pixie Dust?) Collection and I decided to try it out. I got Nyx, a pale blue, and I totally love it. It looks like I painted my nails with one of those slightly gray light blue polishes and then sprinkled sugar on it. I have no idea how they make it look both matte and glittery, but they did and it looks fabulous in sunlight. I'm totally getting more of this stuff, particularly since they're bringing out an orange in a month and I wear a lot of orange nail polish during baseball season.

A bunch of Pixie Dust swatches. Some of her non-topcoat pictures make the polish look less matte than it really is; I assume it's the light she's using.
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Cult Nails is an indie company run by a nail blogger who decided to create her own line. I have a couple of her polishes--Quench and Living Water--and I really like them. They're great colors and have a nice formula. Over the Labor Day weekend (September 2-4), she's got a 2 for $15 thing going. Given that normally a bottle goes for $10, it's not a huge deal but it's not insignificant either.

The codes for the sale are on the sidebar of the main page.
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...and purchased me some Unicorn Pee. It's up on eBay for anywhere from $60 a bottle to $150.


I'll post pics. And I have like, three Konadicures to post pics of, too - my last one turned out beautifully. China Glaze 2030, if you can find it, makes a great stamping gold, much richer and more vibrant than the Konad gold.


May. 29th, 2011 02:47 pm
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If you like painting bits of yourself but don't really do femme, it can be a problem finding appealing products. And I do like matte nail varnish. Thus, my ears perked up when I heard about this stuff, though my eyebrows went up too.

ManGlaze, the manliest nail polish known to man. Stupid? Ironic? (They sponsor an all-women snowboarding film crew). Hipster stupid? Subverting conceptions of masculinity? The product of people who admit they were "pretty trashed" at the time they came up with the idea?

I cycled through these various thoughts, and settled on Oh damn, I want that matte grey.

It looks very sparkly in the bottle, but dries to an interesting grainy texture, pretty much like brushed metal, with a fairly dull sheen. On me, it came out as dark grey with blue undertones.

I really like it, and will be enjoying it until my next climbing day when I will mangle the shit out of it as per usual.

Cut for picture )
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I was in Walgreens today - the Sally Hansen shatters are in. I'm not a shatter wearer myself, but they've got some great colors, and the display was almost empty already! They also had a ton of Hard As Nails for $1.99 each. It's technically Big-3 free, but has formaldehyde resin, which from what I've been reading isn't considered the same as formaldehyde?

Still intend to post my mani pics, just been lazy. :D
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Reading the various nail blogs has introduced me to a new term: lemming used as a verb. So lemming after something means you really want it, to the point of obsession.

So I wondered if there was a product--doesn't have to be nail polish--that you really want but don't because you're broke/it's too expensive/you can't justify the money or because it's no longer made?

While it's pretty close to Orly's Sapphire Silk, I would love to get my hands on Mac's Blue India

About half of China Glaze's OMG collection. I've got some of the Milani HD holos, but they're not as linear as these. I want 2Nite, IDK, LOL and, of course, OMG. I'd settle for Nfu Oh 61 if they ever had it when I had money. Maybe. I have yet to spend more than $10 on a bottle of polish.

Speaking of spending more than $10 on a bottle of polish, the high-end brands call to me. There are a handful of Butter London (zomg British Racing Green!), Illamasqua (Scorn! Viridian! Scarab!), Nars (Zulu!), RBL (Iconoclast! Catherine H! Recycle! Scrangie!) and so on I lemming.

Non nail polish, I can't think of much except that I really want a full bottle of Shalimar like whoa!
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Man these people love them some promos!

This time, if you buy anything (other than color spoons) from Zoya, they'll throw in a free bottle of Dove (gray) and Caitlin (blue gray).

Full details are here.

Quick Tip!

May. 19th, 2011 08:13 pm
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So, I have two manicures to post later, one with Konad and one without, but right now I want to pimp something I just found. Maybe you guys already know about it, but just in case - OPI Lint-Free Wipes! I've been frustrated with everything else I've tried for removing nail polish, and especially for cleaning my Konad plates when I'm working, because lint from that sticks right to my nails. I tried cotton pads, I tried felt (which a lot of people recommend, but which I found to still be linty), and then I googled "lint-free polish remover" or something similar and found these. For some reason they're not on OPI's site, and they're not in any stores that I've found, but I got mine from eBay and I think Amazon has them too. They're AWESOME. I just de-polished all ten of my toes with one wipe and no lint.

They're dry, so you could also use them to remove makeup. I wouldn't use them to remove foundation, because they're pretty small, but I think they'd work great for eye makeup.
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OPI's announced their Holiday 2011 line and I can't squee about it enough because they're partnering with the Muppets!!

Here's a write up.

They look really glittery; Miss Piggy must have been involved in the decision making. :)
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It seems I am now incapable of simply painting my nails. THEY MUST BE STAMPED. )
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Here's a hint you all probably know, but I just learned: If you want to change the polish on your toenails, wait till you're ready to change the polish on your fingernails as well. Luckily, I only dinged the corner of one nail, because this Konadicure came out much better than the last: )
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So, I gave in to the inevitable, and set up a nail polish blog. I can't help it - blogging is an addiction. :D

Being mindful of the fact that I first heard about piCture pOlish and the Ozotic multichromes here, I figured I should make my shiny new multichrome my first review subject, especially as I promised swatches!

The blog isn't quite finished - I still need to set up the sidebar widgets and brush all the dust away - but there's content there, at least. The review, of Ozotic Pro 521 (aka "Sunset") is up now.

*stares at shiny nails some more*
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So, as I'm getting a bit more serious about the whole polish thing (because I've never been one to do something casually when I can throw myself into it with ridiculous obsession) I've been trying to be kind to my nails and use a base coat. For the moment I'm just using Revlon Firma-Nail, a dual-purpose base and top coat, but I was wondering if there was something better out there. I've got some Seche Vite winging its way to me as a top coat, but there doesn't seem to be a universally-beloved base coat in the same way.

I've got slightly ridgey nails, though I don't know if they're ridged enough to warrant a ridge-filler base coat (or even how effective they are), and a number of my polishes seem to stain so I'm looking for something that will protect against staining.

Any advice, tips, experience to share?
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A while back, I found Chloe's Nails and was intrigued by her tutorials for Scotch tape manicures. Then a couple of Sinful Colors polishes caught my eye at work, and I knew they were begging to be experimented with.

Results inside. )

Konad Pics

May. 7th, 2011 08:57 pm
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So here are the pics of my first two Konad manicures, as promised. (Edited to add the Konad plate numbers.)

Number One! )

Number Two! )

Anyway, that's my first two Konad adventures. I'm actually pretty proud of them, even though they were far from perfect. I did a better job than I'd expected I would straight out of the box. I'm definitely addicted.
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"Edyta" is a dark green with bronzy glitter and undertones. This is a quick review because I ended up taking it off right after I put it on because I didn't let it dry enough and borked it.

This color is gorgeous on, and I will definitely wear it again, but one caveat is that it STAINS. Fortunately, much of the staining was gone after my shower this morning but it was definitely a shock.

My quick question: I bought the Zoya "Hurry-Up" drying drops. and either I'm not doing something right or I got a bad batch. They don't really seem to do much good - granted, my second coat (sometimes third too) tends to be thick, but the drops didn't really seem to make much difference in the drying time. Certainly not the amount of difference claimed by some of the people who reviewed the drops on Zoya's site. I hate to think I spent $16 on a product that doesn't work as well as my cheap-ass Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat, but I'm not sure what else to try to make these work.
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This post could also be titled "Why Eleanor Should Not Be Allowed To Go Near The Internet".

First of all, the informative part of this post! As of yesterday, the major e-tailers should be shipping the new Opi collection, Ahoy Me Hearties, which is a collection themed to tie in with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

You can see a review of the collection at ommorphia (whose swatching I really like): review part 1 and review part 2.

Personally, I'm pretty much in love with the entire collection, with the exception of Mermaid's Tears. Unfortunately Transdesign is already out of stock of Stranger Tides, which is kind of the signature colour of the entire collection IMO, so I ordered one of the four-mini-bottles combo packs... and then a second pack for Mum, who was visiting me last week, as she was watching over my shoulder and oohing and aahing at the purple in the set. And then I realised I'd have to order Steady As She Rose separately as it's not in the four-pack. So I did. And then I showed Mum some of the China Glaze colours...

...yeah, oops. So now I'm expecting a giant parcel from Transdesign with 5/6 of OPI Ahoy Me Hearties, OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, two Color Clubs (Ooh La La, which is practically a dupe for White Kwik Silvr, and After Hours), one Misa (I Will Survive), one China Glaze (White Cap), and (finally) some Essie Matte About You and Seche Vite! ... and 4/6 of Ahoy Me Hearties and four China Glaze polishes for Mum.

I think I'm going to need a bigger nail polish drawer.

(Also, now I am going to be running to the letterbox every day for two weeks until it arrives. "Lady, where's my spy camera?")

P.S. to those who were interested in the Picture Polish/Ozotic multichromatics, I've ordered a bottle and I'll post a review + swatches when it arrives. :)
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Adina is the first thing I've worn from my most recent Zoya haul, and it's awesome!

Adina is purple, green, gold or bronze depending on how you look at it and what the lighting's like, and it's just gorgeous. As usual, I really like Zoya's formula, although this is kind of a chrome/metallic and so you do have to be careful with brushstrokes. As usual, I don't have any of my own pictures but the pictures in this blog post look a lot like my nails at the moment. I broke a couple moving stuff around and so they're all really short right now.


Apr. 29th, 2011 06:07 pm
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I got my big Zoya order today and then, when I popped into Rite-Aid to pick up some polish remover, I picked something I just HAD to wear--never mind the twelve bottles of Zoya waiting for me.

Essie's Smooth Sailing from their Summer Braziliant (idek who names these things) collection is just fabulous! It's a slightly grayed periwinkle with a really nice silver shimmer going on. If you're looking for a nice mid-blue, check it out!

Here's The PolishAholic's review with pictures.



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