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OPI's announced their Holiday 2011 line and I can't squee about it enough because they're partnering with the Muppets!!

Here's a write up.

They look really glittery; Miss Piggy must have been involved in the decision making. :)
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This post could also be titled "Why Eleanor Should Not Be Allowed To Go Near The Internet".

First of all, the informative part of this post! As of yesterday, the major e-tailers should be shipping the new Opi collection, Ahoy Me Hearties, which is a collection themed to tie in with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

You can see a review of the collection at ommorphia (whose swatching I really like): review part 1 and review part 2.

Personally, I'm pretty much in love with the entire collection, with the exception of Mermaid's Tears. Unfortunately Transdesign is already out of stock of Stranger Tides, which is kind of the signature colour of the entire collection IMO, so I ordered one of the four-mini-bottles combo packs... and then a second pack for Mum, who was visiting me last week, as she was watching over my shoulder and oohing and aahing at the purple in the set. And then I realised I'd have to order Steady As She Rose separately as it's not in the four-pack. So I did. And then I showed Mum some of the China Glaze colours...

...yeah, oops. So now I'm expecting a giant parcel from Transdesign with 5/6 of OPI Ahoy Me Hearties, OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, two Color Clubs (Ooh La La, which is practically a dupe for White Kwik Silvr, and After Hours), one Misa (I Will Survive), one China Glaze (White Cap), and (finally) some Essie Matte About You and Seche Vite! ... and 4/6 of Ahoy Me Hearties and four China Glaze polishes for Mum.

I think I'm going to need a bigger nail polish drawer.

(Also, now I am going to be running to the letterbox every day for two weeks until it arrives. "Lady, where's my spy camera?")

P.S. to those who were interested in the Picture Polish/Ozotic multichromatics, I've ordered a bottle and I'll post a review + swatches when it arrives. :)



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