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I hope this is okay- the comm profile said it was legit, and so here we are.

I am selling off some BPAL! I have a couple of LE and GC bottles and a whole stack of imps. Product list, details )
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I subscribe to one of those beauty sample services (Birchbox*) and they frequently give me perfume samples. Instead of trying them when the box comes, I end up tossing them in a variety of places. Today I wandered across one and decided to try it out.

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal has been around for a while (since 1981) and I can see why. It's a unisex citrus/green scent that seems to have "summer" written all over it. The initial blast of lemon doesn't last long, although it lasted about 25 minutes which is pretty good for a citrus. It dries down into a really nice woody/herby scent that's fresh instead of a heavy wood. Even though I prefer buying indie perfumes, I'll be buying some of this because it made me feel happy.

*Which I may review once I get a couple of ipsy bags to compare it with.
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The Yohji Yamamoto perfumes -- including the legendary Yohji Homme -- are being brought back.

Yohji Homme is the one discontinued scent that Sanchez and Turin keep putting in the various editions of their perfume guide, in the hope that one day it will be brought back.

I have an old, half-empty bottle that I have cherished and slowly been using up over many years; it's a gorgeous, smoooooth mix of coffee, rum, liquorice and woods.
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I love a lot of the CDG perfumes (especially the Stephen Jones one), and one of my all-time favourite scents is Dzing!, which notoriously has the cardboard/used-books smell going on. So, yeah. Very keen to smell this one.
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I love playing with smells, but there's a limit to what you can do with essential oils alone, and generally the synthetic notes are only sold in industrial quantities, and ...


Note that this would also be heaven for anyone who loves any of the single synthetic note perfumes which seem to be a mini-trend at the moment, such as the Escentric Molecules ones -- iso e super, ambroxan and vetiveryl acetate respectively -- or the other pure ambroxans like Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Perfume.

ETA: Except that the website says they only sell to people who've attended one of their courses.

Also fuck.
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In case it's relevant to anyone's interests: in the UK, Les Senteurs have a good range of obscure and cult scents, and will sell you sample vials at £3 a pop.

The Perfumed Court is a US site selling decants (and will ship worldwide).

Fellow scent geeks: what have you been smelling lately?
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Reading the various nail blogs has introduced me to a new term: lemming used as a verb. So lemming after something means you really want it, to the point of obsession.

So I wondered if there was a product--doesn't have to be nail polish--that you really want but don't because you're broke/it's too expensive/you can't justify the money or because it's no longer made?

While it's pretty close to Orly's Sapphire Silk, I would love to get my hands on Mac's Blue India

About half of China Glaze's OMG collection. I've got some of the Milani HD holos, but they're not as linear as these. I want 2Nite, IDK, LOL and, of course, OMG. I'd settle for Nfu Oh 61 if they ever had it when I had money. Maybe. I have yet to spend more than $10 on a bottle of polish.

Speaking of spending more than $10 on a bottle of polish, the high-end brands call to me. There are a handful of Butter London (zomg British Racing Green!), Illamasqua (Scorn! Viridian! Scarab!), Nars (Zulu!), RBL (Iconoclast! Catherine H! Recycle! Scrangie!) and so on I lemming.

Non nail polish, I can't think of much except that I really want a full bottle of Shalimar like whoa!



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