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I subscribe to one of those beauty sample services (Birchbox*) and they frequently give me perfume samples. Instead of trying them when the box comes, I end up tossing them in a variety of places. Today I wandered across one and decided to try it out.

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal has been around for a while (since 1981) and I can see why. It's a unisex citrus/green scent that seems to have "summer" written all over it. The initial blast of lemon doesn't last long, although it lasted about 25 minutes which is pretty good for a citrus. It dries down into a really nice woody/herby scent that's fresh instead of a heavy wood. Even though I prefer buying indie perfumes, I'll be buying some of this because it made me feel happy.

*Which I may review once I get a couple of ipsy bags to compare it with.
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I mean, I get that it's presumably acne that you're saying "no! no!" to, but I prefer things in my life to be more about enthusiastic consent, you know?

That aside: okay, it's one of those heat-and-light gadgets for treating acne.

Cons: the name, the price, the fact that it won't do anything for regular blackhead or whiteheads, or prevent spots from occurring in future.

Pro: what it does really, really well is deal with those painful cysts that develop deep under the skin and don't surface for weeks, that you can't even squeeze (but always try to anyway, mangling your skin and ending up with a bloody mess -- or maybe that's just me ...).

Treat them, and pretty reliably, within 24 hours, they're either gone, or they've come to a head and can be safely picked. Sometimes you get a hot or stinging sensation while using it, but it's minor.

So if you can afford the hefty price tag and you get that kind of cystic acne, I'd recommend checking this out. It only does one thing, but it does it very well.

(Mods, could we have a "skincare" tag of some kind plz?)
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In a huge grab-bag of testers from my mom was one for the Diminish Retinol Treatment. It's pretty pricey stuff, retailing at around $50. My mom was kind enough to give me the sample, because it is one of her favorite things, and a 1/5th size sample bottle is still product.

Well, as I am a person who wakes up looking naturally punched in the face, I am an expert on eye creams and eye cream dupes. And I am here to tell you that this Estee Lauder product is identical to Claudia Stevens' Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

This cream is fantastic, no matter how much you pay for it, $9 or $50. It is not a brightening cream or an anti-bags cream, but it is a filling, uplifting cream for plumping and smoothing the eye area.

I will tell you that I thought I was misplacing which cream I was using when I first pumped it out because that is how identical these two products are. They are the same texture, smell and thickness, and apply and warm the eye area the same way.

I can see why so many people love this product; it's already one of my favorite eye creams. ;)

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So, I gave in to the inevitable, and set up a nail polish blog. I can't help it - blogging is an addiction. :D

Being mindful of the fact that I first heard about piCture pOlish and the Ozotic multichromes here, I figured I should make my shiny new multichrome my first review subject, especially as I promised swatches!

The blog isn't quite finished - I still need to set up the sidebar widgets and brush all the dust away - but there's content there, at least. The review, of Ozotic Pro 521 (aka "Sunset") is up now.

*stares at shiny nails some more*
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I have been around the block with haircolor. I have tried just about every brand from the cheap to the extravagant (and in that, I do include having it done at a salon). I have, in recent months, settled for some $3 Revlon shit which keeps my gray roots at bay. My hair could be in better condition, but at least it's red.

Okay but omg. At Wal Mart (which I hate, and I'm not proud that I go there) I found John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour. The product is really different. It's not gloopy, it doesn't claim to be "thick," "rich," or a "creme." You mix it in the bottle VERY GENTLY (the instructions say "do not shake" but TILT 5x), and then you squish it out of a nozzle that produces a foam much like foam hand soap.

Pro #1: Foam. You're not squishing this into your poor gray part and then mashing it around to hope it will sink in. You're squeezing a ball into your (beautifully black-gloved) palm and spreading it like butter over your hair, whereupon it just melts in effortlessly.

Pro #2: EXCESS. I did my hair and my daughter's roots from the same bottle. YMMV, but damn. There was more than enough, and even with my hair at a chin-length(ish, asymmetrical) bob, normal haircolor makes me have to dilute the last inch and use every bit. I did one head and a headful of roots and there are stll leftovers.

Pro #3: Rinseability. This stuff rinses out like no haircolor ever has. It was so easy. I mean. And the post-color conditioner was gorgeous, and there's plenty of it.

Pro #4: It didn't smell like chemicals. It's faintly perfumy, but the fact that I haven't run my overly-sensitive husband out of the house says a lot.

Con (only one): When they say "apply water-resistant cream to skin" beforehand to prevent staining, they mean it. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and am very glad my hair is going to cover that part of forehead that the color got on. I have cold cream I will use in the future.

Price: This is an $11 (in cheap-ass Texasland) bottle; I expect it would be $15 elsewhere? Maybe more? But this is not that much more expensive (or even a little cheaper) than top-end so-called creme-based colorants.

End result: I don't see any evidence of roots. You know how there's a very faint paleness in your roots, especially when you waited juuuust a little too long (and especially if you just switched brands)? I have testimony from both kids that there is no stripe. No difference in shade, notihng that looks like I colored over another color or colored over faded roots.




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