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Okay, I've tried most things, up to and including Accutane, and in my thirties, I've more or less resigned myself to never completely growing out of my acne (cystic acne on skin that manages to be oily and sensitive simultaneously, lovely).

But I thought I'd ask the comm on the off chance, to see if anyone has any magic recs for products I haven't heard of.

Any secrets out there?
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Does anyone have any recommendations for eye creams? Neither Estee Lauder or dermalogica (my new review) worked for me and my Vitamin C serum lightens my discolorations but doesn't really take away puffiness.

I'm looking for anything!
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So, as I'm getting a bit more serious about the whole polish thing (because I've never been one to do something casually when I can throw myself into it with ridiculous obsession) I've been trying to be kind to my nails and use a base coat. For the moment I'm just using Revlon Firma-Nail, a dual-purpose base and top coat, but I was wondering if there was something better out there. I've got some Seche Vite winging its way to me as a top coat, but there doesn't seem to be a universally-beloved base coat in the same way.

I've got slightly ridgey nails, though I don't know if they're ridged enough to warrant a ridge-filler base coat (or even how effective they are), and a number of my polishes seem to stain so I'm looking for something that will protect against staining.

Any advice, tips, experience to share?
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"Edyta" is a dark green with bronzy glitter and undertones. This is a quick review because I ended up taking it off right after I put it on because I didn't let it dry enough and borked it.

This color is gorgeous on, and I will definitely wear it again, but one caveat is that it STAINS. Fortunately, much of the staining was gone after my shower this morning but it was definitely a shock.

My quick question: I bought the Zoya "Hurry-Up" drying drops. and either I'm not doing something right or I got a bad batch. They don't really seem to do much good - granted, my second coat (sometimes third too) tends to be thick, but the drops didn't really seem to make much difference in the drying time. Certainly not the amount of difference claimed by some of the people who reviewed the drops on Zoya's site. I hate to think I spent $16 on a product that doesn't work as well as my cheap-ass Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat, but I'm not sure what else to try to make these work.



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