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It's been, like, a year since anyone posted here, but I was plotting out my options for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping (online only--I work in retail and refuse to go out into those crowds when I'm not required + being paid to) and wanted to share this awesome link post, because if any of you are like me, the most exciting holiday sales are beauty sales. The blog Nouveau Cheap always does a great job with a Black Friday Roundup for big stores and large brands, if that's your thing.

But the thing that grabbed my attention was that she linked to this amazing subreddit listing this year's Black Friday sales from a ton of indie brands. While there are still some big brands I like, indies really do it for me these days with the kinds of funky, unique colors and fragrances I crave. And by buying indie, I'm supporting a lot of women-owned small businesses, which is important to me.

Is anyone else planning to treat themselves to some new cosmetics, lotions, and potions this weekend?
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Time to do up another resource list! This time I'm looking for etailer sites! Either single brand (like BPAL) or multibrand sites (like Head2Toe or Sephora) are good as are individual Etsy sites. For the purposes of this list (and this comm, actually) products = make-up, perfume, soap/cleansers/lotions, hair care products, and associated miscellaneous (candles, incense and even jewelry if you have a site you love and want to share).

So please, share your favorite product etailers!
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I just lost my hard drive and had to reinstall everything, so I lost my bookmarks. I only had a handful of beauty blogs that leaned heavily toward nail polish and I'm thinking that I'd like to expand that list. And then I got to thinking about comm resources and figured a list of blogs people like would be a good thing.

So if you follow any beauty blogs that you'd like to recommend, comment with a link and a really brief description and I'll update this post and then link to it from the profile page.

All Lacquerded Up -- almost exclusively nail polish. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Ars Aromatica -- longer, more editorial style articles on beauty, the theory behind it, mixed with notes on culture and fashion. Our own [personal profile] the_grynne recently joined their team of writers!
The Handoff -- our own [profile] elanorejane reviews (mostly) Australian nail polish.
Karla Sugar -- The Next Best Thing to Shopping Yourself -- swatches, swatches and more swatches of high end makeup.
Gothique -- , make up, mineral make up and jewelry posts
Makeup and Beauty Bolg -- makeup reviews mixed between high-end stuff and drugstore/Target brands.
The Nailphile -- almost exclusively nail polish.
The Non-Blonde -- reviews on high-end makeup, perfume, and make-up brushes
Nouveau Cheap -- all about drugstore cosmetics. Excellent source for (US only) sale information.
Phyrra -- mineral and other make up (primarily eye-shadow) and lots of links to other blogs
The PolishAholic -- almost exclusively nail polish. Not sure if she receives review products.
Scrangie -- primarily nails and high-end eye make up. Receives review products before they hit retail.
Temptalia -- Another busy makeup swatch site that also includes articles, how-tos and other useful things.



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