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I mean, I get that it's presumably acne that you're saying "no! no!" to, but I prefer things in my life to be more about enthusiastic consent, you know?

That aside: okay, it's one of those heat-and-light gadgets for treating acne.

Cons: the name, the price, the fact that it won't do anything for regular blackhead or whiteheads, or prevent spots from occurring in future.

Pro: what it does really, really well is deal with those painful cysts that develop deep under the skin and don't surface for weeks, that you can't even squeeze (but always try to anyway, mangling your skin and ending up with a bloody mess -- or maybe that's just me ...).

Treat them, and pretty reliably, within 24 hours, they're either gone, or they've come to a head and can be safely picked. Sometimes you get a hot or stinging sensation while using it, but it's minor.

So if you can afford the hefty price tag and you get that kind of cystic acne, I'd recommend checking this out. It only does one thing, but it does it very well.

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May. 29th, 2011 02:47 pm
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If you like painting bits of yourself but don't really do femme, it can be a problem finding appealing products. And I do like matte nail varnish. Thus, my ears perked up when I heard about this stuff, though my eyebrows went up too.

ManGlaze, the manliest nail polish known to man. Stupid? Ironic? (They sponsor an all-women snowboarding film crew). Hipster stupid? Subverting conceptions of masculinity? The product of people who admit they were "pretty trashed" at the time they came up with the idea?

I cycled through these various thoughts, and settled on Oh damn, I want that matte grey.

It looks very sparkly in the bottle, but dries to an interesting grainy texture, pretty much like brushed metal, with a fairly dull sheen. On me, it came out as dark grey with blue undertones.

I really like it, and will be enjoying it until my next climbing day when I will mangle the shit out of it as per usual.

Cut for picture )
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"Edyta" is a dark green with bronzy glitter and undertones. This is a quick review because I ended up taking it off right after I put it on because I didn't let it dry enough and borked it.

This color is gorgeous on, and I will definitely wear it again, but one caveat is that it STAINS. Fortunately, much of the staining was gone after my shower this morning but it was definitely a shock.

My quick question: I bought the Zoya "Hurry-Up" drying drops. and either I'm not doing something right or I got a bad batch. They don't really seem to do much good - granted, my second coat (sometimes third too) tends to be thick, but the drops didn't really seem to make much difference in the drying time. Certainly not the amount of difference claimed by some of the people who reviewed the drops on Zoya's site. I hate to think I spent $16 on a product that doesn't work as well as my cheap-ass Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat, but I'm not sure what else to try to make these work.
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Adina is the first thing I've worn from my most recent Zoya haul, and it's awesome!

Adina is purple, green, gold or bronze depending on how you look at it and what the lighting's like, and it's just gorgeous. As usual, I really like Zoya's formula, although this is kind of a chrome/metallic and so you do have to be careful with brushstrokes. As usual, I don't have any of my own pictures but the pictures in this blog post look a lot like my nails at the moment. I broke a couple moving stuff around and so they're all really short right now.
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Space Cadet is a glitter polish that looks gorgeous in the bottle, shifting through a purply-green spectrum.

Unfortunately, it goes on streaky and uneven, and even after three coats it didn't look any better. I actually took it off right away, and I try to use polish remover as little as possible. (Though I've got some coming from Zoya that looks much better than the Cutex I'm using now.)

I'm thinking that this polish might work just fine laid over a solid color to give it some sparkle. It still gives that lovely shifty effect, but the coverage is so weak and the background color comes out looking like when kids paint and rinse a bunch of colors off their brushes in one cup of water.

I also have It's Not Rocket Science and Halley's Comet from the same line, but I don't hold out much hope of them looking better. I may get some cheap fake nails to test them out on before using them.



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