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I sometimes get curious about random things, so I have a question for the comm:

What's the best product/routine you've found for your skin?

For me, it's been using witch hazel as a toner, and treating blemishes with salicylic acid or sulfur products. I'm more into the cosmetics part of product addiction than I am skincare, so I've never really had a skincare routine. I don't often go buy skin products until it's necessary, but I'll almost always try something new when I need them.

That's how I found that sulfur works for me, by trying e.l.f.'s mineral blemish powder (active ingredient: sulfur 3%) on a whim and finding that it soothed my eruptions, sometimes even making smaller spots disappear overnight. Having had luck with that, I tried their Zit Zapper (active ingredient: salicylic acid 1%), figuring that since it was $1US, it wasn't a big deal if it was a dud. It also makes many of my small spots disappear, though it's a tossup on larger ones; sometimes it diminishes them, sometimes it brings them to a head.

The witch hazel was sort of a roundabout discovery. I had seen it recommended as a toner for ages, but I initially bought it in hopes of it soothing some chronic itching on my legs (which it has helped with, a bit). Once I started using it regularly as a toner, though, I suddenly saw a marked improvement in my skin. I used to have a lot of small, random breakouts, but after a couple of months of witch hazel, those stopped almost entirely. Now I only tend to break out right before my period, or when I can't keep my hands off my face.

My next notion is that when I run out of the commercial cleansers I've been using, I'll give oil cleansing a go.

So what about you all? Any successes, or are you still searching for the right things?
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I mean, I get that it's presumably acne that you're saying "no! no!" to, but I prefer things in my life to be more about enthusiastic consent, you know?

That aside: okay, it's one of those heat-and-light gadgets for treating acne.

Cons: the name, the price, the fact that it won't do anything for regular blackhead or whiteheads, or prevent spots from occurring in future.

Pro: what it does really, really well is deal with those painful cysts that develop deep under the skin and don't surface for weeks, that you can't even squeeze (but always try to anyway, mangling your skin and ending up with a bloody mess -- or maybe that's just me ...).

Treat them, and pretty reliably, within 24 hours, they're either gone, or they've come to a head and can be safely picked. Sometimes you get a hot or stinging sensation while using it, but it's minor.

So if you can afford the hefty price tag and you get that kind of cystic acne, I'd recommend checking this out. It only does one thing, but it does it very well.

(Mods, could we have a "skincare" tag of some kind plz?)



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