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So I'd heard about the whole matte texture trend and I wasn't sure about it. Then I saw some swatches of Zoya's Pixie Dust (seriously Zoya? Pixie Dust?) Collection and I decided to try it out. I got Nyx, a pale blue, and I totally love it. It looks like I painted my nails with one of those slightly gray light blue polishes and then sprinkled sugar on it. I have no idea how they make it look both matte and glittery, but they did and it looks fabulous in sunlight. I'm totally getting more of this stuff, particularly since they're bringing out an orange in a month and I wear a lot of orange nail polish during baseball season.

A bunch of Pixie Dust swatches. Some of her non-topcoat pictures make the polish look less matte than it really is; I assume it's the light she's using.
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Man these people love them some promos!

This time, if you buy anything (other than color spoons) from Zoya, they'll throw in a free bottle of Dove (gray) and Caitlin (blue gray).

Full details are here.
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Here's a hint you all probably know, but I just learned: If you want to change the polish on your toenails, wait till you're ready to change the polish on your fingernails as well. Luckily, I only dinged the corner of one nail, because this Konadicure came out much better than the last: )
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"Edyta" is a dark green with bronzy glitter and undertones. This is a quick review because I ended up taking it off right after I put it on because I didn't let it dry enough and borked it.

This color is gorgeous on, and I will definitely wear it again, but one caveat is that it STAINS. Fortunately, much of the staining was gone after my shower this morning but it was definitely a shock.

My quick question: I bought the Zoya "Hurry-Up" drying drops. and either I'm not doing something right or I got a bad batch. They don't really seem to do much good - granted, my second coat (sometimes third too) tends to be thick, but the drops didn't really seem to make much difference in the drying time. Certainly not the amount of difference claimed by some of the people who reviewed the drops on Zoya's site. I hate to think I spent $16 on a product that doesn't work as well as my cheap-ass Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat, but I'm not sure what else to try to make these work.
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Tonight I used this color as a base for my second ever Konad manicure. My first one was over Essie's Lilacisms and if I ever get off my butt and transfer the pics from my phone I'll post them.

"Apple" does what it says on the tin. It's a sparkly bright green - someone else's blog has pics here. My color turned out deeper and darker, because I did three coats - I do my nails under an Ott light (left over from my beading days) and I'm very paranoid about coverage.

For the Konad I did the flowery full-nail image from plate M73. I quickly found that this is a tricky design to work with; I had a hard time getting the whole design to transfer from the stamper to my nail. Of course, I'm still pretty new to Konad, so I think I'm going to switch to the small designs for a while and wait on doing anymore full-nail ones until I've had more practice.

That said, this color really isn't good for stamping over. It's a gorgeous, happy spring-y color, but designs just don't show up against it very well. I used the Konad Black Pearl polish and the design doesn't stand out as much as I'd like. I don't think a lighter color would have done any better. I'm suspecting that the glittery, reflective colors in general don't make good backgrounds for Konad.

I do love this color, though, and I will definitely be wearing it again.

(A note: The Konad link goes to their main site, which is in Asia. If you want to order and live in the US, I recommend either going to Wowsocool or checking the Konad USA site to see if there's a retailer near you. I ordered from the Asian site for my first round of stuff, only to find out that there's a kiosk that has everything at a mall less than fifteen minutes away. *headdesk*)
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Adina is the first thing I've worn from my most recent Zoya haul, and it's awesome!

Adina is purple, green, gold or bronze depending on how you look at it and what the lighting's like, and it's just gorgeous. As usual, I really like Zoya's formula, although this is kind of a chrome/metallic and so you do have to be careful with brushstrokes. As usual, I don't have any of my own pictures but the pictures in this blog post look a lot like my nails at the moment. I broke a couple moving stuff around and so they're all really short right now.



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