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I had to work today and have no parties to go to, which means no dressing up. Still, I wanted to do a little makeup, at least. That turned into a simple living dead girl look this morning.

Pics and tips under the cut )

Happy Halloween!

Quick Tip!

May. 19th, 2011 08:13 pm
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So, I have two manicures to post later, one with Konad and one without, but right now I want to pimp something I just found. Maybe you guys already know about it, but just in case - OPI Lint-Free Wipes! I've been frustrated with everything else I've tried for removing nail polish, and especially for cleaning my Konad plates when I'm working, because lint from that sticks right to my nails. I tried cotton pads, I tried felt (which a lot of people recommend, but which I found to still be linty), and then I googled "lint-free polish remover" or something similar and found these. For some reason they're not on OPI's site, and they're not in any stores that I've found, but I got mine from eBay and I think Amazon has them too. They're AWESOME. I just de-polished all ten of my toes with one wipe and no lint.

They're dry, so you could also use them to remove makeup. I wouldn't use them to remove foundation, because they're pretty small, but I think they'd work great for eye makeup.



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